Giraffe Song

Giraffe Song

by C.L. Bridge


Giraffe Song.jpg

[Begin image description:
In the bottom right of this gouache painting, a hand is making a giraffe shadow puppet on a background of blended purples.
On the left side of the painting, a silhouette of a giraffe turns its head toward the shadow puppet. The giraffe silhouette is mostly pale yellow, with some blended shades of purple. On the giraffe’s chest is a maroon heart shape. The heart is a collage of overlapping typed words and phrases such as “neurodiversity” and “inclusion”. White music notes are in the top center of the painting.
On the top left of the painting is a stained glass window with six panels and a rounded top. Each panel is a different shade of reddish or bluish purple. The panels contain a collage of overlapping typed words from various essays on autism acceptance and from an article about giraffe communication.
End image description.]

*Admin Note:
The giraffe is often used by the autistic community as a symbol of pride and uniqueness. A fuller explanation of the party giraffe can be found here and here (also has more details on other images of autistic pride):

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Autistic disability and mental health rights advocate. Part of the LGBTQ+ community. I like writing lengthy 101 guides.

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