Adelaide Dupont: Crip Video Productions

Since February 2017 Margot Cole of Crip Video Productions has been working on A stroke of endurance – a film about how students deal with their professor developing a stroke in the middle of the semester at their university.

We meet various students and we see the film through the eyes of Ava. Ava has many friends with and without disabilities. She studies biology as one of her classes and that is how she and Professor Ben meet.

The film was released by Rich Brotman, an authorised Crip Video Productions distributor, on the 22nd November 2017. A great film for Thanksgiving / the late-November study rush.

The opening music really put me into the picture as did the credits.

There were some great scenes of a busy and accessible campus.

Seeing Professor Ben gradually develop a disabled identity was very powerful, with Ava’s help and the rest of the students.

And, yes, professors do get accommodations. Being dizzy does affect the material conditions and major life activity of teaching and learning, so I hope it would not be denied on that basis.

Loved the way that Ava and Ben show that this life is all about learning.

The students reminded me of well-known people like Emily Ladau and Vilissa Thompson, who when they were students themselves, were activists in various capacities.

Halfway through the film was very satisfying. We see Ben at work.

The students’ initial reactions were very real especially the pigtailed student.

Hoping to see a more accessible version of the film. The current version had auto-generated Spanish captions. Maybe for International Persons with a Disability Day on the 3rd December 2017?

The “faith” part of the film came across when Ben asked for prayers – “if you pray”.

And the “friendships” and “endurance” ran together beautifully.

One thing – Jorgiana Cole is a very good choreographer and cinematographer.

I think the one swear I heard was “frack”. Fracking is a very dirty word for a dirty thing – unconventional shoal gas.

[I’d wondered if there were any environmentalists in A stroke of endurance…]

Walei Sabry: what music went with what characters? Was there an “Ava’s theme” and a “Professor Ben theme”? What about when the students were together?

The film used 21st century technology for post-production like iPhones from the cast.


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