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Originally conceptualized in 2013 by a group of Autistic activists to record our autistic history through a variety of media, and the month of November chosen for Autistics Speaking Day – Autistic History Month has begun anew. Each November, we will post all collected submissions.

We have a rich culture and history, and it deserves to be told. We will celebrate that here. Our goal is to both provide a place where autistic people and supporters/allies can submit writing about aspects of autistic history. These aspects can include the history of autistic culture, community, and self-advocacy. They can be family histories. They can be personal autism histories. We also are looking for oral histories and interviews with long-time activists.

To submit a publication, oral history, or activist interview, please go to our Submissions page.

This project is not affiliated with any organization/group that administrators and editors work or volunteer for.

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Email autistichistorymonth@gmail.com or use the following form: