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Originally conceptualized in 2013 by a group of Autistic activists to record our autistic history through a variety of media, and the month of November chosen for Autistics Speaking Day – Autistic History Month began anew in 2016. Each November, we will post all collected submissions.

We have a rich culture and history, and it deserves to be told. We will celebrate that here. Our goals are to collect submissions about autistic history, and share autistic history information we find. Parts of autistic history can include the history of autistic culture, community, and self-advocacy. They can be family or personal autism histories. We also are looking for oral histories and interviews with long-time activists.

For submission types and other guidelines, please go to our Submissions page.

This project is not affiliated with any organization/group that administrators and editors work or volunteer for.

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Email autistichistorymonth@gmail.com or use the following form: