Participant Icons and Prompts

If you take part in Autistic History Month, participant icons are free to use on your blog, website, or other social media. You do not have to link back to the Autistic History Month blog (though it is appreciated)!

The prompts listed are for optional use – you need not base your submissions on the prompts. They are just suggestions and ideas to get you started.

More participant icons and prompts will be added yearly.

Participant Icons



[begin image description: a painted rainbow infinity neurodiversity symbol overlaid by old paper texture, with a brownish tinge to it. Text reads in a slightly old-fashioned appearing font “Autistic History Month 2016.” End image description.]

Writing Prompts (optional)


  1. How did certain symbols of autism/neurodiversity come about, ableist or not? (i.e. rainbow infinity sign for neurodiversity) (puzzle piece was done for 2013)
  2. Some autistics often get overlooked in discussions of autistic history ā€“ who are they? What are their stories? Can you describe some of their history?
  3. How does the autistic rights/self-advocacy movement differ historically, then and now, in different parts of the world?
  4. How does the general autism advocacy movement differ historically, then and now, in different parts of the world?
  5. Do you have autistic relatives who were born in a different generation? What are their stories?
  6. What is the history of autistic self-advocacy in relation to general disability self-advocacy? (for instance, how does it differ, historically and now)?
  7. Autism is not new ā€“ but where are the autistics from generations past? What kinds of things happened to them? What kinds of lives did they lead?
  8. What is your personal autism history?
  9. Find an older activist or autistic person to interview. What kinds of work have they done? What has happened to them? What kinds of lives have they led?